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More About Insert Pads & Guards

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Insert Pads Protecting Against Leaks and Odor

It’s essential to keep your skin dry, clean, and odor-free when dealing with incontinence. Most of today’s insert pads use advanced technology that absorbs moisture away from the skin and locks it in specialized absorption chambers, keeping you and your clothes dry.

Insert Pads Come in Different Absorbency Levels

Insert pads come in many sizes, styles, and absorbency levels. The absorption level of the insert pad users select will be based on the type of incontinence and how much leakage occurs.

  • Men’s guards are the best if you have slight stress incontinence or occasionally sprinkle and are easy to change. 
  • Users with light fecal or heavy urinary incontinence will want more absorbent women’s pads or men’s briefs that can hold higher amounts of liquids.

What is the Difference Between Liner Pads and Insert Pads?

Many users get confused when shopping for incontinence products, especially Liner pads and insert pads. Here is a quick overview you need to know

  • Liner pads are thinner than insert pads and designed to absorb natural discharge. They are used for light incontinence issues to help keep you feeling fresh and dry.
  • Insert pads absorb heavy fluid, providing a higher range of absorbency. As a result, they are used in moderate to heavy incontinence.

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