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Gladwell Care Canada carries products designed for bowel incontinence. We have adult diapers, pull-ups, pads and more, all designed for bowel incontinence.


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Choosing the Correct Fecal Incontinence Product

Accidental bowel leakage can be mild to severe. Based on your particular requirements, you may need to consider bowel incontinence adult pull ups or other bowel leakage item alternatives.


If you have severe fecal incontinence, you should think about using heavy-duty adult diapers. This incontinence item is made of super absorbent polymers that support and protect your skin while maintaining you dry and protected.


For light bowel leakage, the pads for fecal incontinence work well and are more discreet than the belted undergarment options. In addition, these are wider at the rear and offer more bowel incontinence protection where it is needed.


Cleaning wipes are excellent for users with urinary and fecal incontinence. Cleaning wipes are a sanitary, fast way to clean up messes, and caretakers can use them to clean the body.


Getting a good night’s sleep can be especially difficult when you have incontinence issues. You can utilize incontinence bed pads whenever you are concerned that your bed linens will become soiled due to incontinence. What matters most is selecting a bed pad that shields your skin and linens.

Latex-Free Bowel Incontinence Products

Bowel incontinence products provide the best protection and security for users who deal with bowel incontinence. In addition, bowel incontinence products offer the required containment for youth and adults dealing with bowel incontinence, minimizing odours, protecting clothing, and limiting embarrassment.