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Women’s Incontinence Products

Gladwell Care Canada carries incontinence products designed for women of all ages. Products include adult diapers, pull-ups, women’s pads and more. We have you covered for urinary or bowel incontinence products.

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What Women’s Incontinence Product is Best for You?

To purchase the right women’s incontinence product, it’s essential to have the correct information. Focusing on the following factors can help you choose the right product.


A product that’s too small or too large increases the risk of leaks, overflow accidents, rashes, and infection. Every manufacturer has different sizing guidelines. Make sure to compare your measurements with the sizing information provided on the product page.

Backing Material

  •  Women’s briefs and other products with a cloth backing are constructed of materials resembling fabric and having lots of airflows. These characteristics reduce the possibility of smells and guarantee comfort while wearing.
  • Women’s pull-ups and other items with a plastic backing are more absorbent but do not allow for airflow. Because of this, these products are more likely to result in an infection or rash.

Odor Elimination

Bacteria in urine and fecal matter emit odors and harmful vapors. Together, these factors increase the risk of urinary tract infections and skin issues. The women’s incontinence products we offer are integrated with odor protection technology keeping users clean throughout the day. 

Get Complete Protection with Womens Diapers at Gladwell Care

Women’s diapers can help users manage leakage, keep them dry and sanitary. Today’s incontinence women’s diapers products available at Gladwell Care in Canada offer far more variety than the standard adult diapers, providing better moisture absorption and sensitive skin protection.

At Gladwell Care, women’s diapers feature tabs, allowing for easier changing by caregivers. Mobile users who can self-change can wear women’s pull-ups with side tear panels for easy removal. 

Key Benefits:

  • Built-in odor guards that reduce the smell of urine 
  • Soft and comfortable stretch waist for a perfect fit
  • No risk of overflow