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Finding the right product can be complicated; all the types of styles, sizes & levels of absorbencies can be overwhelming. So Gladwell Care Canada has created specific categories to help you find the right product.

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Adult Diapers & Managing Incontinence

Thick Adult diapers are for users with bladder or bowel incontinence problems with a high risk of leakage. Adult diapers come in various styles, including adult pull-ups, insert pads and adult briefs with tabs. Browse our collection of products, from adult diapers to youth diapers with different types of absorption.


  • Provide excellent protection for moderate to heavy urinary or bowel incontinence and are suitable for day or night. 
  • Super absorbent cores keep the user dry and clean and promote healthier skin. 
  • Dual-layered anti-leak guards contour the body to prevent leaks and provide comfort and confidence. 
  • Easy tear-off seams at the sides allow the user to change quickly.

Delivering High-Quality Incontinence Products Right at Your Doorstep

Millions of users suffer every year from incontinence; Incontinence products are made to protect users, allowing users to continue their daily lives worry-free. In addition to helping those with incontinence, incontinence products are also helpful when used at night; they provide the added benefit of preventing bedwetting.

We offer a wide range of high-quality incontinence products for men and women, from youth diapers to adult pull-ups. We take pride in Canada, providing high-quality incontinence products at competitive prices. In addition, Gladwell Care offers peace of mind from our free, fast discreet shipping. Our mission is to empower our customers and improve the quality of users and caregivers.