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Men’s Incontinence Products

Gladwell Care Canada carries incontinence products designed for men of all ages. Products include adult diapers, pull-ups, men’s guards and more. Men seeking incontinence products for urinary dribbling or bowel incontinence, we have you covered!

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Common Types of Men’s Incontinence Products

When Men have bladder or bowel incontinence, multiple incontinence products can make users feel more at ease and confident. However, there are numerous factors to consider when deciding which men’s incontinence products are right for you. 

Men’s Diapers with tabs with the convenience of sticker tabs, made for men who require assistance from a caregiver. Diapers are suitable for moderate to maximum incontinence.

Men’s Pull-ups / UnderwearExactly like regular underwear. They are for more active users who don’t require assistance. Men’s pull-ups offer a secure fit with strong odor control technology. Pull-ups are suitable for moderate to maximum absorbency. 

Men’s Guards Designed to provide comfort, fit, and discretion. A cup-like shape with an adhesive sticker placed inside your boxers or briefs. Men’s Guards are suitable for light to moderate incontinence.

With everything you need to deal with, from light to heavy incontinence, we provide you with the level of protection you need; Gladwell Care in Canada is here to help.

Men’s Adult Diapers – Maximizing your Comfort in Everyday Life

Men’s adult diapers are available at Gladwell Care Canada to users with a light dribble or heavy overnight incontinence. Additionally, the side tabs are simple to replace, making it easier for caregivers, and they all have odor control and leakage barriers for added security. Men’s adult diapers are available in various sizes and absorbances to suit users’ requirements. 

Users with more severe bladder or fecal incontinence should prioritize absorbency when selecting a product. The high-quality super absorbent core of men’s adult diapers and men’s adult underwear offers adequate protection by sealing away liquid and odor reduction while guarding against moisture on delicate and sensitive skin.