GladwellCare’s Story: About Us

Gladwellcare was born from a family’s heartfelt journey, a journey that transformed a personal challenge into a compassionate and caring business. It all began when one of our own faced the daily struggles of incontinence. Witnessing a beloved family member navigate these challenges ignited a deep-seated desire to make a difference all Canadians experiencing similar difficulties.

With Gladwellcare, you’re not just purchasing products; you’re joining a family-driven mission to enhance lives. We invite you to explore our offerings, each carrying the essence of understanding, and embark on a journey where compassion meets commerce. Together, let’s embrace a life of comfort, dignity, and shared strength.”


How it all Started!

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About Our Founder

Meet Mathew, the compassionate force behind Gladwellcare, inspired by a personal family journey with incontinence challenges. At Gladwellcare, we’re more than a business – we’re on a mission to enhance lives. Join Mathew in creating a community where quality products and heartfelt support meet. Welcome to Gladwellcare, where empathy and dignity shape our journey together.

– Mathew Gladwell , Founder

Why GladwellCare?

Dementia Patients

Why We Exist

Empower individuals to live with the freedom and dignity they rightfully deserve.

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Our Mission

Enhance the life quality of individuals coping with incontinence.

Incontinence for Dementia Patients

Customer Reviews

Customers of Gladwell place their trust in our products and supplies, consistently providing favorable reviews.

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What Customers Can Expect

What Customers Can Expect

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