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Stay Confident and Regain Your Freedom with Attends Diapers

Regarding the best incontinence products for you, Attends leads the show with its cutting-edge range, including attends pull-ups, attends diapers, attends pads, and much more. Attends diapers are designed with a soft, cloth-like breathable fabric and elastic waistband for a comfortable, contoured fit. Furthermore, the DermaDry Technology with Single Core Plus has an optimum moisture capacity, directing fluid and sealing it away to keep skin dry and healthy.

Attends diapers are ideal for moderate to heavy incontinence because of the enhanced protection of barrier leg cuffs. Pull-up tear-away side panels make removal fast and easy. They are an excellent solution for all-day use and when you don’t want incontinence interrupting your life. 

Additional Features 

  • Ultimate protection for extended periods, both day and night
  • Reattaching tabs grip anywhere on the soft cloth-like outer cover for improved fit
  • Advanced dual-core design with Swift & Soft layer protects the skin against moisture
  • OdorSecure technology prevents odours before they begin
  • Inner leg cuffs act as a barrier to control bladder and bowel leaks
  • Breathable materials ensure skin stays cool
  • Not made with natural rubber latex

Breathable Attends Briefs

The Attends briefs collection was created to assist you or those you care for with moderate to severe urine or fecal incontinence. Because Attends briefs are made from some of the softest and most absorbent materials available, you can ensure that you or your loved ones are safe during the day or night.

Their high-rise, maximum protection, and ultra-plush shape create a product that fits pleasantly in all the right places. In addition, attends briefs feature a triple-tier moisture-locking system with super absorbent polymers that prevent leakage due to heavy to severe incontinence.