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About Youth Briefs with Tabs 

Youth briefs with tabs provide superior absorbency and are ideal for youth with a waist from 18″ to 26″. The adjustable tape tabs allow caregivers to apply the brief effortlessly and users to stay comfortable for activity. Available from Gladwell Care, structurally designed youth briefs with tabs have advanced leakage barriers to decrease the risk of leaks on the go. 

Made with fully breathable material, youth-adult briefs promote more relaxed and comfortable wear for the user, which is optimal for comfort and skin health. In addition, strongly curved elastics give an optimum fit, making tena youth diapers with tabs a suitable solution when looking for diapers for special needs kids.

Benefits of Youth Diapers

Cloth-like fabric youth-adult diapers are designed with durable inner leg cuffs to provide a secure fit for improved leakage security. Youth-adult diapers come with ultra-absorbent technology to quickly wick away moisture from the skin and smell control technology that locks away liquid to help reduce odour. Tena youth diapers contain super absorbent polymers and are designed to give users a feeling of freshness throughout the day.

  • Highly absorbent
  • Odour control
  • Latex Free
  • Guarantees skin dryness
  • Unisex 

At Gladwell Care in Canada, you’ll find youth pull-ups and youth-adult briefs in multiple sizes such as jr small, extra small and adult small.