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What are Womens Booster Pads?

Women’s booster pads are pads that provide extra absorbency inside an existing incontinence product, like absorbent underwear or tab-style diapers. Booster pads for women are an affordable and convenient way to extend the life of your diaper or pull-up.

Shop Booster Pads for Women at Gladwell Care in Canada

For women with more frequent leaks and heavier incontinence who require extra protection, using a booster pad provides more coverage.

Gladwell Care in Canada provides women’s booster pads from leading brands, including attends, prevail, and tena booster pads. Booster pads provide extra assurance as they are absorbent and dependable.

Why buy Attends Booster Pads?

Stay comfortable throughout the day with Attends Booster Pads available at Gladwell Care. Made from an absorbent polymer material helps users keep dry and prevent odors. Adding extra absorbency with Attends Booster Pads allows users to sleep peacefully through the night. During the day, it can provide added security against embarrassing leaks.


  • Soft, breathable material for comfort
  • Made with an odor shield to combat unwanted smells.
  • Adheres directly to the core of another product to boost performance