Which Incontinence Products for Seniors are Best?

Incontinence Products for Seniors

Elderly individuals are far more susceptible to the effects of Incontinence Products for Seniors. It’s estimated that about 1 in 3 seniors deal with urinary incontinence. This can be very stressful for them and their families, who often feel helpless and powerless to help them find a solution.

The right way to avoid uncomfortable situations is to use incontinence products for seniors to keep them dry and comfortable. However, if you’re taking responsibility for your loved one’s care, you’ll need to ensure they have the right product according to their needs.

Diapers For Seniors

Disposable briefs are unisex and highly absorbent for even those with severe incontinence. They come in all sizes and include resealable tapes, making them exceedingly easy to put on and take off. The anti-leak layers, absorbency, and stay-dry barrier ensure the user remains dry and at ease. Briefs are also made with odour control, which is critical for anyone dealing with incontinence.

Pull-Ups For Seniors

Incontinence underwear is appropriate for mild to heavy bladder incontinence and looks and feels like regular underwear. The main difference is that these features sewn-in is cushioning in areas that require additional protection. They come in men’s, women’s, and unisex sizes and are made of durable material with comfortable cotton material.

Pads For Seniors

Pads are practical and disposable, featuring a self-adhesive strip that secures them inside the user’s regular underwear. They’re made for those with light to moderate incontinence and are tailored to fit neatly against the body for maximum comfort and secrecy. The stay-dry top layer keeps the user cool and dry between pad replacements. Incontinence pads are trendy among more active people who might experience a loss of bladder control while on the move.

Bed Pad For Seniors

The bed pad sits on top of the bedsheet or can be tucked securely under the mattress, designed for those with light leaks and is made of highly absorbent fibre layers intended to lock in dampness, keeping the furniture protected against incontinence.


Incontinence wipes gently and hygienically clean intimate areas, leaving the user feeling refreshed and odour-free. They are available scented or non-perfumed, and all have moisturizing and cleansing properties that are kind to the skin. As a result, users can be confident that their skin will remain healthy and fresh even with repeated use.

Night Time Incontinence For Seniors

The night may be the most challenging time to keep you dry. The good news is that superabsorbent incontinence products exist specifically for the night. For further coverage, insert booster pads add additional absorbency for adult diapers and absorbent underwear.
Place an absorbent disposable bed pad over the sheets to avoid bedding changes. It may appear to be overdone, but you won’t regret it if it leads to a better night’s sleep and much less laundry in the morning.
Keep wipes, skincare products, a change of clothes, and disposal bags beside the bed in case of a leakage. Then, you won’t have to look for them this way in the dark of the night.

How to Choose the Best Incontinence Products?

Gladwell Care offers free incontinence product samples so you may quickly identify the size and absorption that works best for the user. Using these samples saves money and presumably improves the product’s comfort and protection.
We also offer a nurse to speak with, who offers expert recommendations on the best free sample for you to try. Finally, apply a moisture barrier or rash cream to their skin to avoid irritation.

Gladwell Care Has a Range of Products to Meet Any Incontinence Need

Range of Incontinence Products

Gladwell Care provides high-quality incontinence products from leading manufacturers, including TENA, ATTENDS, and PREVAIL. Our focus is on providing the best choice of products at competitive prices backed up by speed and personal service.
We have an understanding and broad knowledge of specialty healthcare products; this becomes part of our experience that continues for our customers. We at Gladwell Care value every customer’s experience throughout their journey of finding the right products.

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