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Adult Pull-ups For Men

Men’s pull-ups, designed like regular underwear, are specifically made for the body shape of a male, made for more active Canadians who don’t require assistance. Styles include day and night time options and moderate to overnight absorbencies.

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Why Buy Adult Pull-Ups for Men?

At least 1 in 5 adults deal with incontinence in Canada. One of the many reasons adults refrain from using incontinence protection is the fear of embarrassment. Ordinary diapers can be large, bulky and clumsy to wear under everyday clothing. This is where adult pull-ups come; they look and feel like regular underwear, making them perfect for active lifestyles.

Men’s adult pull-ups are pulled up to your body and fit like regular underwear. Additionally, users can purchase gender-specific Men’s adult pull-ups, specifically made for the body shape of a male. Various styles include day and night time options and moderate to heavy absorbencies.

Gladwell Care – a one-stop-shop for adult men’s incontinence underwear

We understand that incontinence can be embarrassing to deal with. Still, with Gladwell Care, you’ll have access to the best, highest quality adult men’s incontinence underwear at excellent prices, with advice and friendly customer support – right in the comfort of your home.

Features of Adult Pull-Ups for Men:

  • Slip-on-design
  • It comes in various absorbency levels 
  • Discreet and comfortable 
  • Elastic stretch waistband for a secure fit

Stay Confident, Independent with Adult Underwear for Men

Men’s incontinence underwear can help eliminate embarrassment caused by urinary or fecal incontinence. Adult men’s incontinence underwear is suitable for light to heavy incontinence. The incontinence underwear is durable, comfortable, and discreet enough to look like regular underwear.

Underwear for men typically focuses on placing absorbent material at the front of the  underwear. In addition, adult men’s incontinence underwear and men’s adult pull-ups feature a built-in incontinence pad with quick-absorbing technology, which provides excellent leak protection. Other features include an odor guard, tear-away sides, and more. Adult underwear for men is available from small to 2XL. 

Gladwell Care Men’s Adult Pull-Ups will Maximize Your Comfort.

Discover the vast range of adult underwear for men that Gladwell Care offers — from adult men’s incontinence underwear to men’s adult pull-ups. The range covers everything you need to help with light to heavy incontinence – giving you the level of security you require. Best of all, we offer leading products in Canada at competitive prices.