How to Choose Incontinence Products: Four Factors to Look For

Choose Incontinence Products

Millions of people deal with the difficulties of living with bladder leakage, also known as incontinence. One of the challenges is how to choose incontinence products which best suit your lifestyle.

If you are unsure how to choose incontinence products or are dissatisfied with your current product, you have come to the right place! Because of the different alternatives available, understanding incontinence products can be complicated. However, there are a few basic factors to consider when selecting an incontinence product for yourself or an individual you are assisting.

This blog aims to simplify how to choose incontinence products for your incontinence needs. Finding the right product is fundamental so you can live without fear of urinary leakage.

1. Understand the Right Product

Incontinence products are designed to manage all types of leakage, and understanding which product will work best for the user is essential.

• Pull-Ups / Underwear Style

Designed for users who can change themselves, a disposable pull-up is highly similar to conventional underwear. Pull-ups are intended for light to heavy bladder leakage, but different absorbency levels are offered. In addition, they are made differently for men and women to accommodate physical variances. Remember that changing this product in public is easy with tear-away side panels.

• Adult Briefs / Tab Diapers

Adult briefs with tabs, also known as diapers, are effective for moderate to maximum urine and bowel incontinence. They are for users with heavy incontinence and who are immobile. To keep the skin dry between changes, choose a highly absorbent brief that wicks moisture away efficiently, such as Tena Proskin Super Briefs.

Incontinence Product

• Inserts / Pads

Inserts, also known as pads, are protective, disposable and worn inside your underwear. They are made with a cloth-like, waterproof backing and an adhesive strip to adhere to your underwear, most of which curve to fit comfortably to your body. Insert Pads & Guards are available in various sizes and absorbency levels. They are best suited for active people who do not have a lot of leakages.

• Underpads / Bed Pads

Underpads are absorbent pads that prevent urinary damage to the mattress or furniture. Bed pads are placed beneath the individual and absorb any leaking liquid. Remember that a properly fitting incontinence product reduces the likelihood of leaking and the requirement for underpads. If you cannot change your items as frequently as required, this is a fantastic product for protecting your bed.

2. Different Absorbency Levels

Once you identify which style of continence product you require, figuring out which absorbency level works best is the next step. Absorbency level is a method used to describe the amount of urine the product can absorb without leaking. The amount or degree of urine loss is essential when choosing the right continence product. Many incontinence products will feature packaging with absorbency labeling systems like a drop system or specific color-coded packaging to help you find the right product.

3. Identifying Product Size

Alongside the style of the continence product and the absorbency required, you also need to be able to find the right size. Regarding sizing, remember that absorbency level has nothing to do with the product size. The best fit of an incontinence product can be determined by measuring the hip circumference of the user. Then, stretch it around the widest part of the hips and roughly 10 centimeters below the navel with a measuring tape. Once you’ve found the correct measurements, use the size guides on the incontinence product packaging to find the perfect fit.

For more details on How to Measure Incontinence Products

4. Lifestyle

Evaluate your lifestyle and degree of activity while choosing an incontinent product. For example, if you can walk and go to the bathroom on your own, a bladder control pad that goes into your underwear or adult pull-up underwear is the option for you.
Suppose you have restricted mobility and cannot access a restroom or rely on a caregiver for assistance. An adult brief with tabs may be the best option if you have significant leaks or fecal incontinence. However, suppose you are caregiving for someone who can be taken to the bathroom regularly and whose incontinence is light to moderate. In that case, either option would work best!

Comfortable Incontinence

Adapting to living with incontinence may be challenging at first. However, dependable, comfortable, yet discreet products available at Gladwell Care offer daily protection so users can continue their regular leak-free routines.

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