A Quick Guide To How Often Should Adult Diapers Be Changed

Adult Diapers Changed

The use of adult diapers is a common reality for many individuals and their families when it comes to providing care for an aging, disabled, or chronically ill loved one. But how often do hospitals change adult diapers? The answer depends on the type of care a patient receives and their condition’s severity. Generally, adult diapers should be changed any time they become wet or soiled. Still, for those receiving long-term care, such as in a hospital, the frequency of diaper changes may vary depending on the individual’s needs. Let’s begin reading to make the diaper-changing process stress-free for you and the patient.

How Often Should Adult Diapers Be Changed?

Adults who require incontinence products should be aware of the frequency with which they must be changed to ensure the highest level of care. Diapers can last anywhere from five to twelve hours depending on their absorbency and should be changed every 4-6 hours depending upon the condition.
It is recommended diapers be checked every two hours unless there is an uncontrolled accident. The user’s skin must be regularly cleaned to prevent redness and irritation.

Four Things You Need to Change Adult Diapers


Gloves promote safety and cleanliness while changing a loved one and prevent your hands from contracting bacteria.


Adult hygienic wipes are extra large, pre-moistened cloths used to cleanse your loved one. Two times the size of baby wipes, these offer a fresh, refreshingly clean while protecting caregivers’ hands from incontinence.

Barrier Cream

Good skin care is essential for people with incontinence and their carers. Urine and feces can damage the skin, causing redness, irritation, and soreness. Choose pH-balanced skincare cleansers, moisturizers, and sealants to reduce the incidence of skin irritation and breakdown.

The Right Adult Diaper

You will need to replace the soiled diaper with a clean one. There are numerous options on the market right now, so you can choose based on absorbency, odor control, comfort, and more.

How to Change an Adult Diaper?

The first thing while changing is to ensure you have the proper-sized diaper to prevent leaks. It should close easily and securely at the waist.

  • Remove the soiled diaper by unfastening the sticky tabs on the side. But you can’t just pull the diaper off. Changing an adult diaper takes a bit more work and elbow grease. Here are some pointers on a proper adult diaper change
  • Slowly roll the diaper users onto their side. Once the user is out of the way, fold the diaper, so the wetness or stain is on the inside.
  • Roll the wearer carefully to the opposite side after folding the diaper on one side. The diaper must then be easily removed from the users bottom. Pull the diaper away from the body as you carefully roll the wearer to the other side.
  • After the diaper has been taken off, use a wipe or warm water and soap to wash the wearer’s bottom gently. Before putting on a fresh diaper, ensure the skin is completely dry. To avoid chafing, you could also use some baby powder or moisturizer.
  • To put on the new adult diaper, gently roll the wearer to one side and place it beneath them. Push it as far underneath the wearer as possible, but make sure enough of the diaper will be available to close.
  • Gently roll the wearer to the opposite side and pull the adult diaper, so the wearer is in the middle of the diaper. Make sure the diaper is even on both sides before you fasten it.

Wrapping Up

Changing an adult diaper isn’t easy. Depending on the users size, help may be needed to turn the user on their side. But with a bit of practice, you will be able to change an adult diaper quickly. A good attitude while changing will help both you and your loved one. Stay cheerful during changes to put your family member at ease.

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