Empowering Choices: Selecting the Right Incontinence Pads for Women

Incontinence Pads for Women

Dealing with bladder leakage or urine incontinence is a personal journey, and finding the right incontinence pads can make all the difference. Gladwell Care understands the challenges women face and offers a range of covert, comfortable, and absorbent incontinence pads designed to meet unique needs. Whether you require strong absorption for overnight use or discreet daily wear, Gladwell Care has you covered. Let’s explore the top choices in the realm of Incontinence Pads for Women.

1. For Overnight: Prevail Bladder Control Pads Overnight Absorbency

Undisturbed Nights, Unmatched Comfort

Prevail Bladder Control Pads are the perfect choice for women seeking reliable protection during the night. Designed to be discreet for daily wear, these pads employ Odour Guard technology to eliminate odors, ensuring confidence throughout the day. With QUICK WICK technology for added comfort and leak prevention, Prevail Bladder Control Pads offer a shield with soft sides, allowing you to rest easy.

Benefits and Features:

  • Odour Guard technology for freshness
  • QUICK WICK layer for added comfort
  • Leakage prevention and discreet design
  • Soft sides for enhanced protection

2. For Heavy Flow: Prevail Bladder Control Pads Ultimate Absorbency

Maximum Absorbency, Maximum Comfort

Locking in 20% more moisture than the leading brand, Prevail Bladder Control Pads with Ultimate Absorbency provide optimal protection for women with minor bladder leakage. Individually wrapped for on-the-go convenience, these pads offer guaranteed absorbency, cotton-enhanced comfort, and the MaxSorb Gel Technology to keep you feeling dry and fresh all day.

Benefits and Features:

  • MaxSorb Gel Technology for instant moisture trapping
  • Omni-Odor Guard to prevent odours
  • Breathable fabrics for comfort
  • Individually packaged for on-the-go convenience

3. For Daily Use: Prevail Daily Bladder Control Pads Maximum Absorbency

Leading an Active Lifestyle with Confidence

Prevail Daily Bladder Control Pads with Maximum Absorbency are discreet pads designed for women with stress incontinence and unpredictable leaks. Offering superior softness with MaxSoft Technology, these pads feature a Quick Wick layer for quick liquid absorption, enhancing skin health and providing comfort against the skin. The Odour Guard Technology ensures discretion even during prolonged use.

Benefits and Features:

  • Quick Wick layer with MaxSoft Technology for superior softness
  • Odour Guard Technology for discreet use
  • Portable design for an active lifestyle
  • Extra-soft lining for comfort

4. For Maximum Use: Tena Intimates Heavy Pads Maximum Absorbency

Breathable Protection for Delicate Skin

Tena Intimates Heavy Pads with Maximum Absorbency serve as a reliable three-layer defense against moisture, odour, and bladder leakage. These 100% breathable pads are perfect for women experiencing postpartum incontinence, offering superior protection against significant leaks while keeping you dry and protected throughout the day.

Benefits and Features:

  • Triple protection against moisture, odour, and leaks
  • 100% breathable for skin comfort
  • Ideal for postpartum incontinence
  • Regular Incontinence Pads for daily use


The array of Incontinence Pads for Women available at Gladwell Care ensures that there’s a perfect fit for everyone. Whether you need pads with high absorbency for overnight use, thin pads for daytime use, or something in between, Gladwell Care provides options to suit your individual needs. Additionally, Gladwell Care offers a diverse range of other high-quality incontinence products, including adult diapers, protective pants, continence liners, urinary pads, boosting pads, bed pads, and more. Choose confidence and comfort with Gladwell Care, where your well-being is our priority.

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