Your Trusted Blue Cross Vendor For Medical Supplies & Adult Diapers

BlueCross Canada

Getting Pre-Approved: Getting started with Blue Cross direct billing is a swift and straightforward process. Contact our dedicated Gladwell Care customer care team and provide them with your Blue Cross K Number. This information enables us to determine your eligibility and the amount you’re eligible for. Once approved, we can initiate recurring BlueCross orders for […]

Guide to The Best Adult Diapers for Men

Adult Diapers for Men

In the realm of incontinence care, men often face unique challenges that can be overlooked. Gladwell Care recognizes the importance of tailored solutions for men dealing with urinary or bowel incontinence. In this guide, discover the innovation, comfort, and reliability packed into “The Best Adult Diapers for Men,” carefully curated by Gladwell Care to enhance […]

Do You Need an Underpad for Better Sleep?

Do you wake up in a wet bed most mornings, or, if you’re a caregiver, does your loved one? Bedwetting is not limited to children. Many adults are affected by bedwetting. Do You Need an Underpad for Better Sleep? Then Disposable underpads and bed pads are the best protective sheets that protect furniture and bedding […]

The Ultimate Guide to Adult Diapers: Tips & Uses of Adult Diapers with Incontinence

Guide to Adult Diapers

Incontinence is also a common condition that affects many adults, especially as they age. If not managed properly, it can cause embarrassment, discomfort, and health problems. One of the ways to cope with incontinence is to use adult diapers specially designed to absorb urine and feces and prevent leakage. Adult diapers can help you maintain […]

Tips & Uses of Booster Pads for Adults with Incontinence

Booster Pads for Adults

Incontinence is indeed a common condition that affects millions of adults around the world. It can cause embarrassment, discomfort, and anxiety for those who experience it. Fortunately, many Tips & Uses of Booster Pads for Adults with Incontinence and many products are available to help manage incontinence and prevent leaks and odors. One of these […]

Best Overnight Incontinence Products You Must Know

Overnight Incontinence Products

If you are suffering from incontinence, you indeed know how frustrating and also embarrassing it can be to wake up with wet sheets and clothes. Incontinence is indeed a common condition that affects millions of people, especially older adults and women after they have given birth. Various factors, such as aging, pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, prostate […]

Easy to Understand Bowel Incontinence Guide

Bowel Incontinence Guide

Fecal incontinence can be an embarrassing and distressing condition, but a wide range of products are available to help manage it. With various options on the market, how do you know which is right for you? This guide will help you understand the different types of fecal incontinence products available to clear your confusion about […]

A Quick Guide On How to Choose the Right Adult Diaper Product

Right Adult Diaper Product

An adult diaper is one of those things that’s not quite polarizing or controversion at the dinner table. There is a vast range of diapers in the market, and buying the right one can be quite a daunting experience.Like many other items, we use regularly and take for granted, adult diapers need specific attributes to […]

Male Incontinence: A Full Guide to Male Incontinence Products Solution

Male Incontinence Products

Incontinence is the accidental or unintentional passing of urine. It affects millions worldwide, and you might be more familiar with female incontinence pads. But for men who suffer from incontinence, what are the options? Fortunately, many male incontinence products will help you keep your confidence throughout the day, keeping leaks at bay and looking discreet. […]

A Quick Guide To How Often Should Adult Diapers Be Changed

Adult Diapers Changed

The use of adult diapers is a common reality for many individuals and their families when it comes to providing care for an aging, disabled, or chronically ill loved one. But how often do hospitals change adult diapers? The answer depends on the type of care a patient receives and their condition’s severity. Generally, adult […]