A Quick Guide On How to Choose the Right Adult Diaper Product

Right Adult Diaper Product

An adult diaper is one of those things that’s not quite polarizing or controversion at the dinner table. There is a vast range of diapers in the market, and buying the right one can be quite a daunting experience.Like many other items, we use regularly and take for granted, adult diapers need specific attributes to […]

A Quick Guide To How Often Should Adult Diapers Be Changed

Adult Diapers Changed

The use of adult diapers is a common reality for many individuals and their families when it comes to providing care for an aging, disabled, or chronically ill loved one. But how often do hospitals change adult diapers? The answer depends on the type of care a patient receives and their condition’s severity. Generally, adult […]

How to Get Approved for Adult Diapers from ODSP in 5 Easy Steps!

Adult Diapers from ODSP

If you live in Ontario and have a disability, you may be eligible to receive incontinence supplies ODSP from the provincial government. The Ontario Disability Support Program, or ODSP for short, provides many benefits to Ontarians who have a disability and are in financial need. These include reimbursement for adult diapers from ODSP, medical expenses, […]

A Quick Guide to Adult Diapers Tax Deductions in Canada

Adult Diapers Tax Deductions

Consumers are better off looking into ways to recoup as many of these expenses as possible, given the rising cost of medical services and supplies. There are various options like adult diapers tax deductions to look into if you have incontinence and need assistance paying for supplies. If you can demonstrate that your costs for […]

Adult Pull-Ups vs Diapers: What’s The Difference?

Adult Pull-Ups vs Diapers

Many challenging health concerns a person may face throughout life, but few are as inconvenient and sensitive as incontinence. However, in adjusting to life with incontinence you have to know about adult pull-ups vs diapers, many users get confused about deciding which incontinence product will work for them. When choosing how to approach incontinence, users […]

What is The Best Pull-On Diaper for Adults?

Best Pull On Diaper

Adult diapers have gone a long way; any of today’s products are just slightly bulkier versions of the underwear you already have in your drawer. Whether you’re suffering from incontinence or recovering from surgery, the correct best pull-on diaper for adults can make all the difference. For those who manage heavy urinary or bowel incontinence, […]

Ultimate Guide to the Pros and Cons of Adult Diapers

Pros and Cons of Adult Diapers

Incontinence affects more than 1 in 5 senior Canadian adults. However, with the proper care and products, users can live a comfortable and confident life. If you’re experiencing incontinence, require assistance and want to find the best protection, then adult diapers are what you need! Adult diapers offer a variety of solutions, from highly absorbent […]

Easy-To-Follow Adult Diapers Sizing Guide


Most people use the measuring guide for adult diapers to find the proper size based on height and weight. This ultimate guide to measuring adult diapers will help you pick the right size every time. This blog covers everything you need to know, including how to measure and determine which size is right for you. […]