We have partnered with Blue Cross Canada to provide you with all your Medical and Incontinence supply needs.

Eligible Members include; Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) & Veterans Affairs Canada Members (VAC)

Send a Message to our Caseworker or Call us at 1800-928-1336

How to Get Supplies in 4 Easy Steps!


1 Contact our Caseworker: 1800-928-1336 or email us info@gladwellcare.com

* Provide us with your Blue Cross K Number *


2 We’ll contact Blue Cross: on your behalf and ship out Free Samples for you to try!


3 After approval is complete: our caseworker will contact you for further instructions  


4 Supplies will be shipped: to your front door discreetly upon a agreed date

Bonus Free Services for Qualifying Clients!

               • Free Nurse Product Knowledge  

               • Free Discreet Shipping 

               • Free Incontinence Samples 

               • Dedicated Rep 

Send a Message to our Caseworker or Call us at 1800-928-1336

Gladwell Care is an Authorized Incontinence Supplier for Blue Cross

 Our commitment to offering only the highest levels of customer care, coupled with our extensive product range, results in a comprehensive and suitable service for all our customers. Our company experience represents the best level of professionalism, competency, and quality. It enables us to offer a ‘one-stop’ approach to our client’s requirements, ultimately delivering the best possible outcome.

We have an understanding and broad knowledge of specialty healthcare products; this becomes part of our experience that continues for our customers. We at Gladwell Care value every customer’s experience throughout their journey of finding the right products.

Your Health and Dignity are Our First Priorities

Gladwell Care Incontinence Supplier for Blue Cross is dedicated to providing a wide range of support and health products. Our product range encompasses several incontinence supplies. Our products help you comfortably manage your incontinence, enabling you to live with dignity and confidence.

At Gladwell Care Incontinence Suppliers, we offer the latest in incontinence products and a wide selection of components for producing incontinence products. Our dynamic business lines are supported by technical expertise, equipping us to meet our customer’s increasing needs.