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Incontinence Underpads & Bedpads

Disposable Underpads and Bedpads are protective sheets that shield furniture and bedding from urine/bowel incontinence. They are designed with quick-absorbing technology so Canadians can avoid damaging furniture.

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Managing Incontinence at Home is Easier if you Use the Right Underpads.

Frequently changing your mattress sheets can be difficult when dealing with incontinence. However, incontinence underpads safeguard your mattress and bed linens if users often change their sheets.

Disposable Underpads help protect your bedding with quick-absorbing technology that avoids daily bed changing and machine washes. Designed with an ultra-absorbent fluff filling material, users who struggle with incontinence can use thick underpads.

Buy Good Quality, Highly Absorbent Underpads From Gladwell Care 

Say goodbye to waking up with wet linens and daily wash, dry, and repeat cycles. Gladwell Care’s range of Tena underpads assists in the management of incontinence and bedwetting.

Bed Pads a Way to Ensure a Dry, Comfortable and Restful Night’s Sleep

Prevail Bed pads are designed with a waterproof backside and high absorbing technology, ensuring your bed stays dry and protected throughout the night. In addition, bed pads will protect your bedding from bladder and bowel incontinence. They are also helpful in safeguarding chairs, car seats, wheelchairs or any other place where the user requires protection. 

  • Bed pads are made to protect mattresses from bladder and bowel incontinence. 
  • Caregivers love how easily they can be cleaned, help maintain hygiene and prolong the life of the mattress.

Gladwell Care carries a wide range of disposable bed pads from trusted name brands!